Monday, January 7, 2013

Explosion Box Christmas Gift

Happy New Year!!  I know, I'm 7 days into the year, but today is the day
I start my resolution to blog more.  I am making a committment to put crafting
and blogging on my calendar in pen so I always make time for what's important! 
I mean, a girl's gotta have priorities!
Here are a few pictures of the explosion box gift I made for my stepson
as his Christmas gift.  He's 16, has a car, a job, and just recently found out,
a new girlfriend!  Scary times. {Sigh}
But I digress.  This is just a one-layer box to house gift cards and cash
in each pocket on each side.
Here's a picture of the closed box.  It's got a "to-from" tag on top that opens.
And then when you take the lid off ...  BAM!!! 
Here are the four individual sides: 

I like that I positioned Mr. Franklin as if he was glaring at you,
like he's saying, "don't spend me all in one place."  Hahaha!


  1. I love the details, Sami! The corner embellishments on the outside, the lovely mix of papers on the inside and the way that the decoration on each side matches the gift--mittens with the clothing card, "Yum" with the food card, and the naughty/nice with the glaring Mr. Franklin! Gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you, Linda! It was my attempt at being as creative as my awesome ladies in my downline! :)